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We are CFSD16 Tucson district parents and concerned citizens supporting school board candidates who will restore TRUTH, TRUST, and TRANSPARENCY to the Catalina Foothills School District 16. This site shows how Woke ideas threaten these 3 key values. Save CFSD Tucson, AZ.

Restoring Excellence

Once a respected model for public education, Woke ideas brought into CFSD 16 schools clash with the values of its residents so that 4 in 10 families opt out of the district. Replacing the current board with trusted men and women of character can restore this excellence once again. Save CFSD Tucson, AZ.

Save CFSD Tucson by Restoring Truth, Trust, and Transparency at Catalina Foothills School District. Have you experienced a hidden Woke Agenda in Tucson public schools?

More than

1 in 3

District Residents opt out of CFSD

A short dramatized fictional film depicting a realistic phone call about the bathroom policy at Catalina Foothills School District 16 in Tucson, AZ in the actual words used by school officials. View: Video Resources

Arizona Attorney General (AG) Kris Mayes sanctioned Scottsdale Unified School District for holding closed meetings on topics relating to textbook adoption and other misuses of secret sub-committees View: Video

“Woke” Poster at Orange Grove Middle School

  • Who’s “We?”
  • What does this have to do with 7th-grade science?
  • Would this be allowed if it expressed the non-woke view?
SAVE CFSD Tucson, www.savecfsd.org

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The Solution

Save Catalina Foothill School District against Woke Agenda


Truth can be restored by electing honest board members, vetting data, using primary sources, and rejecting falsehoods wherever we find them.
Save Catalina Foothill School District. Preserving Trust, Trust, and Transparency


Trust can be restored when our schools are truly safe, virtue is praised, vice is punished, and the focus returns to learning.
District Parents Preserving CFSD Truth and Transparency


Transparency can be restored through honest board members, involved parents, vetted resources, impartial counselors, and liberated teachers.
Save CFSD and their Woke Agenda in Tucson Schools

Communication is costly but ignorance is unaffordable.

Is their Woke Agenda good for Tucson schools? Will you please consider supporting this effort, and help Save CFSD?