CFSD Board Faked a Violent Threat

CFSD Board still falsely pushes threat narrative:

“…the guidance to us from law enforcement was to err on the side of caution and, as a result, we rescheduled our April 25 meeting.”


CFSD Board Member Amy Krauss, June 15, 2023

“The decision to cancel the meeting was made at the school district level…[who] notified us of their decision to cancel the meeting…The alleged threats were deemed…not an inherent threat of violence. I am not aware of any follow up reports made by the school.”


~ Pima County Sheriff Department leadership, July 11, 2023

“I am not in favor of moving our meetings online because I believe the in-person interaction is essential to our democratic process…”


~ CFSD Board Member Amy Krauss March 10, 2023

“All of our board meetings have been open to the public…”


~ CFSD Board Member Amy Krauss, June 15, 2023 (after closing meetings for the past two months)

How They Faked A Threat

A friend of the Board called PCSD to report a Facebook comment. CFSD Board leadership directed the district office to email all school staff that they received credible threats of violence. Board members indefinitely closed all meetings to the public until eventually reopening them 50 days later. The District made statements to the media that they were in contact with Pima County Sheriff Department. However, the Sheriff Department leadership reports that they did not recommend closing meetings and resolved the report as non-credible on the day it was reported (4/25/23).
CFSD Board members Amy Krauss and Eileen Jackson (Board President) felt safe to attend the Seniors Honors Ceremony at the high school the night before the May 23 board meeting, when the former event was much more crowded and had no visible police presence. Yet twenty-four hours later they felt it “unsafe” to be present at a meeting that was guaranteed to have a fraction of the number of people present as well as two or three PCSD deputies. Board members also attended the OGMS graduation that week with no visible security presence either. Nonetheless, the board’s ban on public attendance at board meetings remained.